With cannabis becoming quite popular and many areas around the world lifting their ban on the drug, it can be tempting to bring it with you when you travel. Depending on where you are traveling from and where you’re going, as well as the form of cannabis you will be taking, there are certain things you need to remember when traveling with marijuana before hopping on a flight or getting behind the wheel.


By plane


  1. If you plan on taking weed with you on the plane, then here are a few things to remember. One, within the United States, airports are under the jurisdiction of the FAA, a federal agency. This means in their eyes marijuana in any form is still illegal and could land you in jail. It doesn’t matter if the airport is located in a legal wood state or you are flying somewhere weed is legal. But if you insist, then don’t take flowers or buds with you.


  1. Many dispensaries, like Canada online dispensary, offer products like vape oils, CBD oils, edibles, and tinctures that can be mistaken as medicine. Put such products in your toiletry kit and include it in your check-in baggage. Airport security doesn’t prioritize cannabis products in their search; they are more concerned with looking for weapons and explosives. If they do find cannabis products in your luggage, you will be turned over to local authorities. Depending on where you are caught, you can either be released or charged with possession.


  1. Once in the cabin, it is not advisable for you to consume weed in any form. Even though you are inside the plane, flight attendants and pilots can still turn you over to airport security if they feel that you could be a threat during the flight. Using vape inside the cabin is never a good idea, whether it has cannabis or not so avoid taking it out in-flight. But if you are discreet enough or once in the air, you can consume other forms of cannabis products like edibles or tinctures to help calm you down if you are a nervous flyer.


By car


  1. The safest form of travel when you want to take cannabis with you is by car. In states where weed is legal, you are allowed to carry an ounce of weed with you, but you need to have it in a sealed container and placed preferably in the trunk or somewhere in the car where the driver can’t reach it. Driving while high is still illegal, almost everywhere. If you are caught with weed on you, no matter the form, it can land you in jail.


  1. If you are driving in the United States, planning your route can be quite tricky. Unlike Canada, cannabis is not legal all across the U.S., so you need to know the legal status of cannabis in places you will be or pass through beforehand. Crossing between two states where weed is legal won’t be a problem, but many police units in states where weed is illegal to have been known to stop and search cars coming from states where it is legal. So be on the lookout when you’re traveling through these areas.


Pro Tip:


Last but not least, never ever drive while you are high. Even if you are taking CBD, which doesn’t make you high, just be on the safe side and don’t get behind the wheel. You could be endangering your life and the life of others.


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