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This historical place in Delhi is a must visit place by the tourist. It was the main residence of all the sovereigns of the Mughal dynasty for almost 200 years until the point in the year 1856. Red Fort is located in the focal point of Delhi and houses behind several historical centers. Obliging to their household and the emperors, it was the political focus and ceremonial of the Mughal state. Also the setting for occasions affecting the region. Red Fort is constructed in the historical place in the year 1639 by the Fifth Mughal emperor that is Shah Jahan. The Red Fort is famous for his massive enclosing walls of red stones and this fort reminds us of older Salimgarh Fort.

Famous For:

The red fort is famous for Red Limestone

Main Entrance:

The entrance of the Fort is also called LAHORE GATE.

Visiting Hours:

Except Monday people can visit all the days of the weak.

Duration of Visit:

From 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM


60 INR  per person for the adults during weekdays, while on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the price will be 80 INR per person. For the children, it will take in the weekdays 20 INR person.





India Gate is also Know as the ALL INDIA WAR MOVEMENT.  Which are a memorial location for war outside the Raj path and towards the eastern side in the commercial area in the city of New Delhi and it also called Kingsway.

An India Gate remembered for those 82,000 soldiers who lost their lives who belongs to the Indian Army in the year 1914 till 1920.  During the period of First World War in Persia, East Africa, France and anywhere in the Far East and Near East countries. The India Gate also represents the unique architectural style of the triumphal arch likewise the Arch of Constantine in the country of Rome. India Gate was constructed in the year 1917 to build War Grave and to memorize the time when all the soldiers killed in World War I.

Famous For:

The India Gate is famous for the FLAME OF THE IMMORTAL SOLDIER

 Visiting Hours:

From 12 AM till 12 PM

Duration of Visit:

It will take around 1 to 2 hours to visit India Gate.


People can visit India Gate free of cost.


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The Rashtrapati Bhavan also called as Rash-tra-pa-ti bha-van. It is the house of the president which is located in the Western end of Raj path in the city of New Delhi. It may belong to the building which consists of approx. 340 rooms. It has the receptionist halls, offices, guest rooms and the president’s official residence. It also called the BIG MANSION. The RASHTRAPATI BHAVAN also have the huge predental gardens that are MUGHAL GARDENS, bodyguard residence, staff, stables and large open spaces. Moreover, it is one of the biggest states in the city of New Delhi.

Famous For: 

It is famous for DELHI TOURISM

Visiting Hours:

The Rashtrapati Bhavan central lawn and the main building will be open on the days of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and most Sundays.

The RASHTRAPATI BHAVAN MUSEUM, Stables, clock tower, and Garages will open all the days of the week except Monday.

The Gardens of Rashtrapati Bhavan and Mughal Gardens will only be available in the month of August to March on the days Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Duration of Visit :

From 9 AM to 4 PM


The entry of RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN is from gate no 37 that is (Dalhousie Road-Hukmi Mai Marg) and from gate no 2. (RAJPATH) and from gate no.38 (Church Road).

50 INR per person.

The visitors which are in a group of 30 persons will be given 20% Off and the total amount would be 1200 INR for the entire group of 30 persons.


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The QUTUB MINAR is also called QUTB MINAR. The QUTUB MINAR is the tallest MINAR in the city of New Delhi which is made up of Bricks. The QUTUB MINAR is 239.5 feet tall and It is tapering tower of five store’s, with a 47 feet base diameter and 9 feet at the top of the peak. Its design belongs to the Minaret of jam, in the country of West Afghanistan. The founder of QUTUB MINAR is QUTUB-UD-DIN-AIBAK. The MINAR was constructed in the year of 1192. In the year 1220, Aibak’s successor and child-in-law Iltutmish finished a further three stories. In the year 1369, a lightning strike devastated the best story. Furthermore, Firoz Shah Tughlaq supplanted the harmed story and included one more. The MINAR is surrounded by the historical significance monuments of Qutab Complex which includes QUWAT-UL-ISLAM mosque as well.

Famous For:

Experience Seekers, History Buffs and Photo Fanatics.

Visiting Hours:

The people can visit all days of the week from sunrise till sunset.

Duration of Hours: 

The duration of hours to visit QUTUB MINAR is 2 to 3 hours maximum.


The entry fees for Indian is 30 INR  per person.

The entry fees for tourist is 500 INR per person which is too much for them.


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Is a  historical place belongs to an equinoctial sundial.  It is in a shape of gigantic triangular with a hypotenuse parallel to the Earth. The JANTAR MANTAR another side also belongs to the quadrant of the circle which is parallel to the equator. There are total five JANTAR MANTAR in the country of India and the biggest JANTAR MANTAR is the city of JAIPUR which have many instruments and have the world largest stone that is SUNDIAL. It is also called the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE. In the 18th Century, Maharaja Jai Singh, constructed five JANTAR MANTAR OVERALL in the cities of JAIPUR, MATHURA, UJJAIN and last NEW DELHI.

Famous For:

It is famous for world-famous observatory SUNDIALS.

 Visiting Hours:

All Days of the week that is 6 AM-6 PM (sunrise till sunset).

Duration of Visit:

Around 1-hour max.


For Indian, 5 INR per person.

For the tourist, 100 INR  per person.

For camera shooting, 25 INR  will be taken per camera for filmmaking.

Jantar_Mantar_inside_view- Delhi




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